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BRI Serang 2009

Kami atas nama panitia outing BRI Serang - Banten mengucapkan tekasih banyak kepada ujung kulon ecowisata yang telah membantu liburan kami di pulau Peucang, pelayanan yang bagus juga makanan yang enak sekali dan penghinapan yang nyaman membuata liburan staff - staff dari BRI - Serang merasa puas sekali. Kami bisa bersantai dengan menikmati indahnya pulau peucang juga tempat ini sangan cocok sekali bagi Kami dan mudah - mudahan Kami bisa kembalai lagi pada tahun depan  2018


Salam untuk Ujung Kulon ecowista yang telah membantu kami selama 3 hari di pulau Peucang, Kami atas nama panitia tour merasa puas dengan semua pelayananya baik dari makanan, accommodasi dan juga dengan actifitsa outbounya. Kami telah memberikan referensi ke pada divisi lain di perusahan ASTRA untuk bisa melakukan wisata alam di pulau peucang dan mudah - mudahan mereka bisa pergi kesana. Jakarta 2017

 SMA 28 Jakarta

Atas nama panitia sekolah SMA 28 - ujung kulon tour dan outbound 2009, Kami mengucapkan terima kasih banyak atas bantuannya hingga acara study tour ini bisa berjalan dengan sukses. Kami merasa senang sekali bahwa dengan kegiatan ini kami bisa belajar tentan Flora dan Fauna di kawasan Ujung Kulon. mudah - mudahan tahun depan kami bisa menyusun kegiatan outbound ke sana lagi.

Mitra Persana Finance Jakarta

Salam buat Bpk. Iyan panitia tour dar Ujung Kulon ecowisata yang telah membantu perjalanan kami ke kawasan yang indah sekali service nya bgus sekali dan juga dengan pelayanan nya. Rombongan kami  merasa puas sekali dengan acara outing ini makanan nya enak sekali apa lagi dengna ikan bakarnya. Kami sudah kembali beractifitas lagi seperti biasa tapi Kami masih ingat dengan pulau Peucang dan mungkin pengalaman ini tidak bisa kami lupakan. Salam Lily. April 2017

Many thanks for organizing this trip. We really enjoyed the stay at Peucang and trips to Ujung Kulon, .I look forward to another stay and hope to do the trekking next time. 

Best regards Klaas

Mr. Dadi

Tak terasa perjalanan tour telah berakhir sungguh suatu pengalaman yang luar bisa, kumpul dengan keluarga dan tinggal di pulau yang sagat indah makanan nya juga enak sekali, mudah tahun depan bisa datang lagi ke pulau Peucang

Mr. Jhon kedutaan Australia

So nice holiday at island back to officce we will back  at next time with all friend

Bpk. Leo - Deplu  Jakarta

Rutinitas pekerjaan yang sangat padat tinggal di Jakarta bikin stress...liburan dengan teman - teman se kantor bikin semunaya enjoy..tinggal di pulau Peucang selama tiga hari..bikin lupa dengan pekerjaan..semuanya sangat nyaman sekali..bisa santai di pantai jalan di hutan...tidak ada suara berisik cuma suara binatang...mudah - mudahan kita bisa ber temu lagi

Mr. Terry - JIS (Jakarta International School)

We did a 2D/1N cruising tour to TN Ujung Kulon arranged by Ujung Kulon Ecotourism. It was an excellent trip. Everything was properly arranged and our guide was great. The weather during our trip was really good so we can truly enjoy every activities that have been arranged. Boat trip, snorkeling, some peaceful time at Handeleum island, continued with canoeing through the forest. We also came to a grassland at Cidaon and spotted some wild bulls, peacocks and wild boars. We stayed at Fauna Eco Lodge in Peucang island. There's a wide field in the middle of the complex where boars, deers and monkeys are free roaming around.This part of the island, where the lodge located, has gorgeous white beach with calm clear water, perfect for swimming. We also walked to the north of the island through the forest where you can find giant trees and wild animals. The north shore is different, directly facing the ocean where the wave breaks on the reef.
It was just an amazing experience. Next time perhaps we have to stay a bit longer to enjoy more of the natural park.

Mrs. Steccy - Geman

We visited Ujong Kulon, it was our second trip with them and both were excellent. We canoed and hiked into the jungle, spotting pythons, monitors and huge day time flying bats - awesome. The small islands are remote and unspoited, the company took us, with guides, into the jungle and along amazing beaches. The safari type accomodation is good, not plush, but the food was amazing.
Swimming to boats and snorkelling are essential to get the most out of this trip - pack small but be prepared for this.

Mr/Mrs. Slater - America

When I joined to the group for 3D trip Ujung Kulon, I was thinking of mainly rain forest that we will be experiencing for the 2 days. But, then I realized that this was a sea trip..!!!!
And I was entertained by the bluish of sea and sky..... combined with yellowish if sand and coral.,It was amazing for snorkling..Peucang island, where we stayed overnight, as a base, it has very clear calm beach, just like a pool. It was the first time I can swim in sea, because of its calmness of the water (almost no waves), at the jetty area.
For sure I will come back to enjoy swimming in this natural beach pool again..

Mr. Travolra -  Australia

My wife and I recently completed a 4D/3N tour to Krakatau and Ujung Kulon national parks. The trip was arranged through Iman from Ujung Kulon Ecotourism and all aspects of it were professionally organised. We travelled by car from Jakarta to Carita where we met our guide (Digi) and crew before taking a fast boat to Krakatau. Digi is an experienced local guide who had great knowledge of both Krakatau and Ujung Kulon. He is also showed great commitment to the preservation of the environment and was fully "across" the idea of eco-tourism.

After some snorkelling at a reef on a nearby island, we landed on a small beach area of Anak Krakatau where we camped for the night. Highlights included the raw beauty of this newly formed island, black sand beaches, the large monitor lizards, snorkelling in relatively new coral areas, snorkelling through water warmed by the volcano, and trekking up to see the scenery nearer the crater. Although camping facilities are very basic, the guide and crew prepared good meals and were well supplied with water and basic necessities.

The next day we went by boat for 2.5 hours to Palau Peucang which is a beautiful island with some nearby coral reefs, white sand beaches and lots of native wildlife. We trekked across the island and saw wild boar, peacocks, deer, monkeys, and monitor lizards as well as turtles and many colourful fish when looking out to sea. We stayed in a large multi-roomed guest house which was adequate to our needs. Electricity is only available for a limited time in the evenings.

The rest of the tour from here included trekking on the mainland where we saw banteng (wild cattle) and many other animals, some more snorkelling, buying some fish for dinner directly from a fishing boat, and another night at the mangrove island, Palau Handeuleum. This was another very peaceful place although the accommodation is inappropriately constructed and, though still quite new, is falling into disrepair. Digi and the crew prepared a fantastic final-night meal on the jetty.

On our last day of the trip, we took a four hour canoe trip up a river in search of the rare Javan Rhino. With only 50 or so in existence, we didn't expect to see any but did see their footprints and a number of other animals (pythons, monkeys). It was also great to see many beautiful plants and some undisturbed wilderness.

After some more snorkelling near a tiny island and a long boat ride back, we returned to the heavy traffic of Jakarta. In summary, this was a fantastic experience being immersed in a relatively pristine area of the very crowded place that is the western end of Java. Our guide was exceptional.




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