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Warm welcome to the magical world of  Peucang tropical Island -  Where you desire may be to simple relax and unwind on our tropical island beach, while you enjoy a refreshing drink and soak up an amazing red sunset of the park and if the trill of discovery is your desire, our professional team will guide you to explored the wonder of Ujung Kulon through canoeing, trekking, beaches, rainf  forest, blue lagoon, cruising or snorkeling through school of fish over vividly colorful unspoiled coral garden, experience the fine sea food cuisine and friendly nature of the park or after watching the last of the sun dip down into the Indian Ocean, relax around an open fire with a seafood BBQ or take a stroll along the beach and sample some enjoy the night by dancing around the bonfire and gazing at the stars.

It offers the perfect location to relax and to spend a memorable time here in Peucang island is one of island at Ujung Kulon National Park,  right in the famous of the largest and most beautiful world heritage site in Indonesia. The island is located in a very private and quiet surroundings provides you with a very comfortable base from where to enjoy everything that the area has to offer adventure tour.! , sharing this whole beach with only another single eco lodge Privacy can be assured at our lodget since we only offer 15 units Air conditioner rooms and 10 standard rooms. If you like it quiet and far away from the crowds, this is the right place.  The island suits young families as well as couples and all friends of nature, providing a breathtaking sea  view over the surrounding islands and wildlife observation. The island is just a 3 hours by wooden boat  from Sumur port or Tanjung Lesung resort or by fast boat from the famous main tourist centre Carita beach. the island offer you adventure activity such as : Trekking, cruising, canoeing, wildlife observation, diving, snorkeling, surfing and camping.!

We invite you to browse our site for classic tours and active adventures at Ujung Kulon National Park lies on the extreme south-western tip of Java, so that you will be able to see exciting places such as those pictured above and below. Enjoy the famous sites, as well as little-known jewels waiting to be discovered. You will find many exciting options deep in the Ujung Kulon areas of  Java,  Our Nature and Adventure tours are designed to learn about the great biodiversity of flora and fauna that exist in the Ujung Kulonn rainforest of Peru, living a true adventure.  Ujung Kulon Adventure tours are specially designed for people who want a full adrenaline experience is an exciting tour that combines adventure activities and nature expeditions in the Ujung Kulon Rainforest.

Introducing the best innovative program to enable executive take their short moment to do Adventure trip beyond Sunda strait water with Krakatau Ujung Kulon Cruises invites you to enjoy one of the best tour package which opens your gateway to the krakatau and Ujung kulon. you will get more than a taste of Krakatau and Ujung Kulon but  you' ll enjoy an absolute feast of Tales of the Sunda strait scenery, castaway beaches, authentic flora and fauna and amazing true stories. Tours to the interior of the country include sea adventures, volcano, rain forest and exotic animal viewing, and a choice of distintive Ujung Kulon world heritage site. Our boat cruises the krakatau arcipelago, then crosses the straits to Peucang island of Ujung Kulon peninsula. Underlying your experience is the knowledge that you are voyaging where few travellers have gone before.

At some point in the distant past, Krakatau consisted of a single, large volcanic island. This island was destroyed in eruptions presumably of great violence, leaving three fragments of the original volcanic walls in a broken ring, or caldera, around the edge of this original island. The three islands are now named Rakata, Sertung and Panjang. Anak Krakatau, "Child of Krakatau," is the fourth and youngest island of the Krakatau group. The first sub-sea eruptions began in 1927, and after three failed attempts to establish itself above the waves, Anak Krakatau IV finally formed a small but permanent presence right in the center of the group on August 11, 1930. Since then, the child has grown and grown, recently overtaking two of the other three islands in height. Why did it emerge in this central location? To explain this, we need to examine something of the history and context of the Krakatau island group

Panaitan is one of  island who closed to Peucang island uninhabitied by humans. It is part of the World heritage listed Ujung Kulon national park. It is basically a coral fringed island covered in dense rain forest , Panaitanís hills rise from pristine forest with wild life comprised of deer, wild board, monkey, bulls, large monitor lizar, black leopard, phyton and a wide variety of bird life. This beautiful trofical island is the background of one the most incredible surf spot in the world  class waves in warm,clear blue water and away from crowds. Panaitan is part of Ujung Kulon national park (world heritage).Surfing isn't the only great thing about Panaitan and Peucang island. You can go Trekking, snorkeling,  fishing,  wildlife observation or just relax on white sand beach.

The Baduy is hills Tribe are a community of people who refuses all external and strictly practice a traditional style of living, is one of tribe living in peace and leading a simple life blending with natural and in isolation tribe, the living with out the influence of modern culture and technology, their area is culture conservation and put under protection and manage by the government, their life so unique and attractive to be observed. Baduy tribe in a tribal Sundanese still maintain the tradition of anti-modernity, both clothing and other living patterns. Baduy hill tribes living in the area Kendeng Mountains Heritage area 5101.85 hectares in the area Baduy. The community is classified in the Baduy Dalam (inner baduy) and Baduy luar (Outer Baduy). Each villages of Baduy in headed by a Puun (Leader) who is deemed sacred for possessing hereditary spiritual.

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